Tuesday, September 22

This is the way I roll!

Hanalei made it very clear that she was too big to be laying in her car seat as we cruise around. She would much prefer to stand in her seat and see the world like the rest of us do. It sure did turn a few heads. She would often hold onto the black bar like she was steering the stroller.


Built Ford Tough said...

K I am dying at how bald and so dang cute she is. I can't wait to see her. Don't worry we will be here in January. I will make sure of that. I wish there were more Lalas and Rustys in this world. It sure would be a better place :) Sometimes we take for granted good friends. Sure wish you guys were here with us. Miss you!

iMaLLheaRt said...

so cute!!

Elise said...

This is my favorite Hanalei trick. So, so cute!

BTW, Hallelujah for a new camera cord!