Tuesday, September 22

CALI! part 1

WE started in the Lazy River
Aiden liked it, Hanalei...not so much
The kids enjoying their Birthday picnic
Grandma Dee Dee and Hanalei-dee
Uncle Milk and Cousin Alex
Aunt Liz with our cousin Aubrey
Hanalei and Mommy...this is more like it

ROOT BEER with G-pa

bitter beer face
root beer: an acquired taste but the bottles those are always fun...*burp*


Built Ford Tough said...

did she really drink rootbeer? Good healthy drink choice Lala!

M. said...

LOL!! Love the beer bottles. you crack me up.

iMaLLheaRt said...

so adorable and I'm seriously loving the orange chair and the cute tables!!

Lindsey Graves said...

haha! I love the "bitter beer face"! One day you'll like it Hanalei but by that time your parents wont let you have it, sorry!

The Shoogs said...

So fun... I want to go to a water park in Cali. Hanalei should be lovin the lazy river. Careful with the beer. ShawnDawg

Ryan and Megan said...

That last picture is a classic. It reminds me of what you and I would do to pass the time while the men were in school. Good times. Cali part 1 was so exciting, I can hardly wait to see pictures and hear about Cali part 2!!

Andrea said...

those pics are awesome! Hilarious!