Tuesday, September 22

A Step Back

I have neglected the blog due to loss of camera cord.

Lets take a walk down memory lane.

Hanalei Eats Rice Cereal: 5 months
Rusty helps Hanalei by making the right face
Hanalei kept leaning her head back when we fed her so I held her head
WARNING: No topping off!


Katie said...

We just fed Parker his first cereal today :) He would get mad because we kept taking the spoon away. We had to give him a second spoon and we would sneak bites in when he would take the "play" spoon out of his mouth.

Built Ford Tough said...

Gotta love the first rice cereal experience. Looks like Hanalei is about to puke in that last picture. It's awesome

Erin and James said...

she is getting to be such a cute little chunker! hurray for real foods!