Friday, September 26

Butterflies in My Stomach

So, today I went to the doctor for a visit. Very exciting things you know...breast exam, paps, urine samples, its almost like...going to a day spa! But Better! Cause I didn't know about one thing they were going to do.

They did the thingy that lets you hear the heart beat of the baby! Fun! So she's looking around trying to find the little wipper sanppers heart beat and listening to the sounds of my insides make their music...then bamb she found it. Except it didn't sound like a heart beat it sounded like air being blown quickly over and over. Little butterfly wings for a heart. It was very exciting. I wish Rusty could have been there. Its been hard trying to get apts. around my work schedule let alone both of ours. I actually had to get a sub for the first half of the day. When I came back after lunch all my kids were like,
"Mrs. Rueckert,we missed you, were you sick? Why were you gone?"
"I Had a Drs. Apt."
I hesitate, then say, "I wasn't sick I was doing something exciting (day spa). Do you want to know what I was doing? "Many big eyes and mouths awaited. "Mrs. Rueckert is going to have a baby!"
Many voices and a few hands shot up. So we did question and answer for about 10 mins along with many stories of their experiences with babies. My favorite comment, "Mrs. Rueckert you don't look like your going to have a baby."
Bless you homework for you. I quickly said, "I will get bigger."
And of course, "Are you still going to be our teacher after you have the baby?"
"Well, someone will come and help me teach you...but I'll come visit."
"And will you bring the baby?"
"Of Course!"

They are very sweet! I love these guys...even though they can get under ones skin. So I opened up my big mouth. It will be a few more mins before the rest of the North Shore of Hawaii gets news of my bun in the oven. I already had one parent ask min after the bell rang.


Built Ford Tough said...

Isn't the heart beat the coolest thing? I love it! I'm so excited for you. Its still wierd to me to think that you are pregnant. See, like I always knew you not pregnant and you always knew me pregnant. Crazy, now we're both pregnant. I'm just so excited. You better make sure Rusty can at least go to the appointment when you find out if it's a peeper or a yaya :) He can't miss that one.

Jennifer said...

I always likened my kids heart beats to the sound of a horse galloping through the water!

Oly and Bre's Blog said...

I remember the first time I heard the heartbeat. It is so exciting!

Ben and Summer said...

How fun to hear the heartbeat! How not fun to have all that other stuff, I don't remember having to do that - yuck! It's so funny for me to read your little guy's reactions. I was pretty deflated when I told my 1st graders, they all had baby bro's and sis's and didn't think it was that cool to have a baby. My favorite, "Oh. My mom has one of those. He cries a lot!" Of course they liked doing a graph to guess the baby's gender;)

Erin and James said...

sooo fun! isn't it crazy how the babys heart sounds...def not for real. how far along are you now?
oh all the exciting appt. that are going to come up and things that will happen to the body that people "forgot to mention"

sweetieabbott said...

I love hearing the baby's heartbeat! I think that it was Kayla's favorite part of going to the first appointments with me, she didn't really know what she was looking at during the ultrasounds, heck half the time I did't know what I was looking at either! lol

mel said...

!!!! Yeah! I'm so excited for you!! Oh, and yes, I think that kid should have no homework :)

Schlofmans said...

That's so exciting and the kids sound so cute! How have you been feeling?