Friday, February 11


Well I am so horrible with this pregnancy. I have documented nothing. So here are a few pictures of Hanalei's Brother

Our little space peanut
Baby's got back but no butt
Do all my children have to look like pirates
Keep it clean

So at one of my appointments the doctor was concerned that I was measuring small. So he scheduled an additional ultra sound. I was bumbed that I had to go all the way in to town for yet another appointment but excited to see baby again. They did the normal ultra sound and he was in the 52nd percentile. So then she took these just for fun!

I think he looks like Rusty...Nose and Mouth at least

Our Friend Oly said girls just say the baby looks like them in these pictures because the babies always look so creepy.

Well there he is. I love him already. Can't wait to hold him and kiss him!


The Haynies said...

Oh I am so excited for you guys!

Tiffany J said...

Boys are SO fun! Congrats again!! Why is it that ultrasound face shots are so darn creepy! i couldn't even look at Brady's...freaked me out ha ha