Friday, May 20

My Growing Kids

Hanalei...Two Years, Two Months
My iphone
swimming with mom
playing in the sand
looking for crabs and snails
talking on the phone, She will say, "Can you hear me?"
books...favorite at the moment Queen of Hearts a valentines day book
singing...favorite is Wheels on the Bus
cupcakes and gum, she asks for them constantly even when there are no cupcakes to be seen
counting things
I think her favorite color is purple because she always is drawn towards it. If their is a choice of colored cups or spoons or shoes, she wants the purple ones.

Hanalei Loves "Clay-Doh" as she calls it.
Granny got here this play-doh kit for her birthday and she can't get enough.
She loves to poke it with tooth picks and cut it with the spatula
A trip to the waikele outlets. There are more of these rides here
than anywhere in the world... okay I'm assuming, but there are a lot!
What's this you ask? Potty training?
We have given it a try a time or two.
We have been successful once while playing outside.
You can guess what's in the bowl...fine I'll tell you. #2
We found this little guy in our house. Hanalei said, "Little 'C'"
She knows her letters A-Z and is now learning their sounds.
She is one smart cookie!

Waimea...Three Months
At his two month (closer to 2 1/2) apt
he weighed in at 13 lbs 5 oz
He is sleeping better at night. He gets real cranky in the evening but thank goodness he takes a binky. He loves to sit up or stand up while I hold his hands. Then he gives you some adorable smiles and if your lucky, a few coos.

Waimea as you can see is getting
bigger and more adorable every day
While Hanalei played outside on the playground,
Waimea decided to take a nap in the baby swing.
Murry our kitty is always with us. He is like a guard cat.
When we go on walks he is waiting at the end of our drive for us to return.
He slept a long time...Heaven
How did I manage to get such a cutie pie
(teddy bear was totally forced into his arms but he had a good grip on it)
Rusty's little brother Marty is staying with us for the summer.
Waimea was Marty's first diaper change
The Kids

Hanalei fights us every night to get in the bath
but always has fun once she is in. She knows it all leads to bed time.
Waimea loves the bath. It calms the beast. He kicks and kicks.
Hanalei got kicked a few times in the bath and says "stop it please"
Can you see those cute dimples?
Her hair is getting outta control but she is reluctant to let me do it.
Her first pony tail...back to the drawing boards
Do you see how massive my boy is?


Katie said...

Love the update. Hanalei is such a smarty. Man Waiamea sure is getting cuter, and his dimples are adorable. Parker went through a stage where he didn't like baths, but now he asks for one every time we change his diaper. Therefore he is crushed a few times a day when we tell him no to a bath.

Ben and Summer said...

Wow! They are growing up SO fast! Looks like fun - what are your kids going to do if they grow up and don't live by the beach?? Yikes... Also, thanks for giving me your address. I just won't publish the comment so it's not there for everyone to see, but thanks for the comment anyway! I would LOVE to come visit - someday!