Saturday, May 21

It's days like this that make me never want to leave Hawaii

She is getting so fun a t the beach.
I know it looks like a mermaid
but we called it a fish cause she doesn't know what a mermaid is.
Off to do our important work...snail hunting
She is very determined to relocate the snails. She will do this for hours
How cute is that bum. Thanks for the cute suit Aunt Shelly!
In her hand is one of the snails. They are pretty small but full of entertainment
Tickets for the gun show anyone?
Marty enjoying the Hawaiian lifestyle on the SUP
We love our life!
Now when are you coming to visit us?


Elise said...

It has been raining for nearly two weeks straight. How does next week sound?

Breanne Garcia said...

I read you blog finally! Love the surf slide! We have to try that one morning! :)

Andrea said...

So fun!!! Hanalei is a doll! Can't wait to see her and that huge boy of yours.