Sunday, May 15


I was excited for Hanalei to really get into the
decorating portion of Easter. Rusty always does.
SHe was very excited about getting the dye everywhere
But when it came to the eggs she just wanted to eat them
Waimea was a little cranky... thank goodness for binkis
The next day we had a Easter party at our friends.
Hanalei found a piece of candy that needed to be eaten immediately
while hovering over her next victim
Bubbles are a toddler pleaser
I have some cute men in my life
Waimea found some eggs too
this is what happens when you ask Hanalei to smile. Adorable
Happy Easter!


Lindsey Graves said...

I LOVE that last picture of Hanalei! What a cutie.

Ben and Summer said...

Cutie patooties - both of them! Just need some pictures of pretty Mommy:) Happy Easter!

Andrea said...

what cute kiddos! Hanalei, love the smile! More of a Halloween smile! Maddie used to do the same thing! Hilarious!