Monday, March 19

Oh Boy!

The big One
He usually cries him self to sleep
This time for a different reason
Some of you are thinking about Lady and the tramp, this kitty is not a Siamese
Buddies, Waimea and reilly
There is a gecko on his arm
Getting in to the diapers with sophie
So proud of himself
He stayed up here for a good 20 mins
The world looks better from up here
and under here
everything is a new experience
good bye tower...make way for Waimea
Everyone wants this valentine...but he's mine!
Chillin with Micah
he loves to chew on a tooth brush
and to feed himself

We love this kid so much. He is tons of fun.
Some of his favorite things:
Green beans, pears, eggs, frozen peas, frozen blueberries
Walking around with mommy or daddy's hand
being out side
baths, and water he loves the hose, the sink and the ocean
anything with wheels (so boy)
harassing his sister, he already knows her buttons and he pushes them often
Climbing up and on to tables, beds, steps etc
taking things out of drawers or containers
putting things back into containers
His green blanket...he cuddles it all day if i let him
Stuffed animals, he nuzzles into them and gives big kisses
He really is a sweet boy and I love watching him grow and learn.

1 comment:

Elise said...

Waimea is ONE?! How could this possibly be? Man, we've been gone so long.

Miss you guys.