Monday, June 28

15 Months

Things I'm doing now:
Feeding my self
Tantrums, big ones!
Kicking in the bath and at the beach
Throwing my diapers and other things in the trash
Waving and saying Bye Bye to planes and potty in the toilet

Things I Love:
Milk (prefer mom's but will drink from a cup too)
Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Fish
Playing with Friends
The Beach
Exploring my neighborhood
Holding anything with a Handle (purse, shopping bag, etc.)
Mom and Dad

Hanalei loves bubbles but she always wants to hold the wand and container which many times results in a big soapy mess. I try to get her to blow but she always puts it in her mouth.
Shopping anyone?
No matter how many times I sweep I just can't get rid of this furry mess

Things I don't love:
When mom takes away her make up
When I can't do it myself
When Dad goes to work
Getting molars
Chronic Runny Nose
Time to get pretty
New Words:
Bye bye
Hotzz - Hot
Fishy - Fish
Mamo - Mo'o Hawaiian for lizard
Mahma - Grandma
MuhMuh - Mum Mum (crackers)
Buhble - Bubbles

New Signs


Erin said...

she is so big and so pretty!!! the perfect combo of you and rusty!

Sheprosaurus's said...

Reading your blog makes me yearn for some Hawaii time! Hope the tantrums are awesome and short lived! My two 3 year olds' throw one every once in a while but it's not like when they were two...Lots of love to you. Did you see the picture of my son doing the foot thing over his eyes. (it's in an older post) He does that all the time to me..I never taught him how. You and him would get along really well:)

Jonny and Carissa said...

I can't believe how big Hanalei is getting... where did our babies go? she is so funny in these pics! especially naked on the beach haha.

on another note: have you tried taking her off dairy? it might help with the runny nose if she has a mild allergy =) that's how I first noticed kennedy's allergy...

Ryan and Megan said...

I love the picture of her sweeping the cat. The cat doesn't even care- are you sure it's alive? How does she get more and more gorgeous every update you put up?? That's talent, sign that little girl up as a member of "The Beautiful Womens Club."

Andrea said...

I love her sweet naked picture and that darn cat! Hilarious!

Jennifer said...

I love the pic of her with the bubbles. I love what you have done with your blog. I love your picture format. They all look like matted scrapbook pics. How did you do that?

Anonymous said...

She's getting so long! I love the bubble picture-but, not as much as I love all of you!