Friday, December 18


I blame Rusty. Hanalei decided that she didn't want to eat baby food anymore. Who would blame her. But what the heck was I going to feed her now? So I looked online for recipes. I found a pretty cool site. I tried three different recipes.
The first one was a teething biscuit recipe. I cut them into hearts and they turned out pretty cute. I didn't take a picture...oops. She liked these but they weren't worthy of a meal supplement.

The Next thing I tried was sweet potato fries. She hated them. Way too much work for her to just smash them with her fingers.

The last one I tried from this site was baby meat balls. I used ground turkey and added the sweet potato fries she didn't like. You use wheat germ and baby cereal instead of bread crumbs. She really liked these. SO finally I had success.

These next two are my own genius. I was able to sneak in some baby food to my baby by adding baby cereal and baby food to a smoothie. If you use squash or sweet potato it doesn't make it taste weird. She really likes this. If you have excess smoothie you can freeze it in an ice cube tray then put them in a ziplock baggie for later use. So easy!

This one i like to eat too. I cut up an apple then put a couple slices in a bowl with water a cinnamon. Cut it in the micro for just over a min. or until soft. Then cut it into cubes. It taste so stinkin good. I usually put them in some baby cereal and shake it until they are coated. Then Hanalei can grab them easier.
It's a good thing Hanalei is so cute, cause she is a lot of work! I'm sure she is trying to say, "Thanks Mom"


... said...

Can you please let me know the site you found. my one is a picky eater as well.

D. and A. Cox said...

I had a cool, explanatory comment all typed up, then I found this website:

That might help all moms of picky eaters??


sheila said...

what a cutie!

lala, we're back on the island!! We need to hang out.
please call me girl, we need a friend for Kai

Elise said...

You KNOW I'm the biggest fan of your baby cooking (well, maybe after Pootie.)

Jennifer said...

Wow. At the tender age of not even one she already has a personal chef! Sounds like she 's keeping you on your toes!

Ben and Summer said...

I love these ideas! So great. I used to get Emma to eat her veggie baby food by putting some on a spoon with equal amount of some kind of fruit she likes too. The fruit would usually mask it enough that she'd eat it. I've also heard you can put spinach in smoothies and it doesn't make it taste any different. Makes it a wierd color though... Good job Mommy!

Matti said...

What great ideas...and I gotta try those meatballs. I think Tex would love 'em!