Wednesday, February 25

Science Fun!

Ok so I teach first grade and I was looking up lessons for when I am on maternity leave and came across this fun website. I of course was looking at things for first graders 5-7 years old. They have tons of way fun experiments for kids of all ages. Most of them are things that work better for a small group at home, not really for my class. So I thought I would pass it on to those of you who have little tikes eager to learn science in a fun way.

Make your own bubbles and wands

Build a pop Rocket

Lots of fun! Go to this sight and play around with other subjects and grade levels:


mel said...

one more reason why you are so cool. :) xx

The Haynies said...

We went private with our blog. I am not sure if I had the correct email address for you guys. If you didn't get an invite email me at

Thanks Tiffany and Alan

Kirsten said...

Hey prego lady! I'm so glad you have a blog =) I finally just started one. How are you doing?? I seriously miss you! I'm so glad I got to come to your shower and see you! I need to call you to see how you are doing! Hope everything is going well with you!

Ryan and Megan said...

Do you think these activities would be appropriate at the old folks home? I'll bet they'd all love to make rockets, they don't have much else going on.